On Stage: The Dirty Ball



Attack Ball RobotVeteran Pittsburghers know the phrase, “Meet me under the clock.” It used to mean the Kaufmann’s clock. But Attack Theatre gave those words a whole new meaning when they unveiled the latest version of The Dirty Ball at the Jane Street Warehouse on the South Side. Yes, the annual Pittsburgh conglomeration of 1000+ characters met under the clock — the AT&T Clock (originally the Duquesne Brewery Clock and later sporting WTAE, Pittsburgh Brewing Company and Equitable Gas).You would think that Attack Theatre had an army of staffers to erect the impressive dimensions of The Dirty Ball. More likely the company just has an army of admirers/volunteers that host an army of Pittsburghers who like to flirt with their Inner Badness. This year’s location was right next to last year’s address, but had a totally different vibe.The VIP’s (many in sync with the Pirates versus Robots theme) got to come early and head up to the second floor with signature drinks created for the occasion, a nifty buffet (courtesy of E2 in Highland Park) and some up-close-and-personal performances from the artists. Oh…and then there was a terrific view of Downtown in the distance framed by South Side rooftops. Then it was back down the stairs to Richard Parsakian’s simply gorgeous Velvet Lounge (a transformed meat locker no less!) and perhaps his best ever. It boasted an oyster bar at the entrance and was guarded by robot/spacemen mannequins. The main Ball arena was vast with Ball faves like the Dirty Secret booth and dirty martinis and newbies like the booth where your dance moves were translated into a cartoon pirate or robot — a technological wonder! — and projections on hanging banners. At the far end was the stage where the Attackers romped through three grand sets of dance. Love how they honored longtime company member Liz Chang, who boasted not only a derring-do attitude as she was tossed through myriad lifts during her career, but a wicked technique and a gleaming smile through it all. And she made a heckuva mermaid that night! Best wishes to a coveted member of the Pittsburgh dance community…thanks for the memories!



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