PIFOF: Beyond

October 2, 2018

It’s the signature face of the Festival of Firsts, a tunnel-like structure that sits in a parking lot across Penn Avenue from the Benedum center. Unlike a tunnel, it’s rather transparent, but ringed with lights that have a computer masterminding their dazzling patterns and music.

This immersive experience is relatively short — 5-6 minutes — but you’ll find Beyond a combination of the space age vibe found in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the funky aura of a disco ballroom, which might inspire you to move and groove. The above video is just a sampling — events like this are always better in person. And although the Downtown setting is rather bright at night, it’s still an impressive happening.

To avoid unnecessary waiting, the Cultural Trust wants you to reserve your time of entry (a free ticket) online. Click on Beyond!


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